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L. Kanchaveli Institute of Plant Protection

The bio-control department conducts research and practice in the direction of protecting agricultural and decorative plants in open and closed areas from the pests using solutions that are harmless for the human organism and the environment. The target objects are – harmful insects and parasitic plant – broomrape.


Based on the research, potential practical solutions for the production of bio-meds are created:

  • mycopesticide, entomopathogenic fungi based on Beauveria bassiana (in cooperation with Durmishidze Institute);
  • mycopesticide, phytopathogenic fungi based on Fusarium oxysporum var. Orthocera (against the broomrape);
  • nematodes bio-insecticide based on Steinernema feltiae;
  • viral insecticide, based on the infection causing fall webworm (Hyphantria cunea);
  • bacterial insecticide based on Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). 


For fighting greenhouse Whitefly institute conducts, artificial multiplication and colonization of biological special parasitoids, Encarsia Formosa in closed grounds. Biomass is also collected. Intensive studies are carried out to isolate and identify the entomopathogenic nematodes from various agro-ecosystems of Georgia.


Institute has one laboratory:

  • Laboratory of bio-control