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Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking

Georgia is an unique country in the South Caucasus in terms of viticulture, horticulture and winemaking -  this is a place where grape and other fruit plants were domesticated. The distribution of the wild relative plants in our fauna served as the prerequisites of it. The introduction of wild plant culture was accompanied by a long, creative selection process, which led to a large variety of local plant breeds. In parallel, methods of winemaking, organizing vineyards and gardens were created and developed. As a result, Georgia made significant contribution horticulture, viticulture and winemaking of the world.


The Institute was founded in 1890 and is a scientific institution that seeks to protect and develop the scientific traditions created by Georgian people in this area. At the same time, institute experiments and implements new scientific approaches and technological innovations.  


The research work and products of the institute are recognized as on local an on international level, which is achieved through the scientific laboratories and testing fields of the Institute, highly qualified scientific and technical personnel who are responsible for the successful fulfillment of their duties.


Institute has three laboratories:

  • Laboratory of viticulture; 
  • Laboratory of winemaking; 
  • Laboratory of degustation.