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Bachelor's in Business Administration

Program Title: 

Business Administration

Qualification Awarded: 

Bachelor's in Business Administration



Program Credits: 

240 ECTS

Language of Instruction: 


Duration of the Programme: 

4 years

Objectives of the Programme:


Developing and open economy of Georgia creates new challenges for the businesses, managers and employment market. Sectors such as tourism and hospitality business and local production are considered to have a high potential for economic development. Agribusiness is developing as niche but new technologies and knowledge content industry. The goal of bachelor programme in Business Administration of Agricultural University of Georgia is to prepare the broad-spectrum managers and analysts who will hold fundamental knowledge of instruments to assess and manage businesses and business-projects; graduates, who will be able to get employed in a such growing and dynamic industry as tourism, hospitality business, production and agribusiness are.

Career Options:

Upon completion of the programme graduates will be able to work as in public as in private sector and also organize and manage own small business.

Learning Outcomes: 

General Competences

Graduates will have:

  • critical analysis and reasoning ability
  • skills of professional communication within company and with company’s partners
  • ability to write and communicate professionally
  • ability to write and communicate in a foreign language (English) professionally
  • ability to adapt in unfamiliar and changing environments
  • ability to work in a team
  • ability to analyse tasks, identify and resolve problems
  • skills of presentation, argumentation and debate
  • ability to continuously learn and deepen the knowledge
  • ability to judge and develop own opinion on: modern living and non-living world, fundamentals of economics, principles of law, modern political ideology, intercultural relationships, history of philosophic ideas and their use in modern society, main directions in psychology, sociology and anthropology
  • mathematical and logical thinking ability
  • ability to use mathematical methods


Specific Competences

Graduates will:

  • understand the nature of businesses, business activities, opportunities, limitations and challenges
  • have knowledge of the business-environment and factors affecting it
  • understand the nature of business transactions and knowledge of its accompanying processes
  • have knowledge of business supporting tools such as statistic methods, financial accounting, Microsoft Excel, data analysis, basic techniques for negotiation, leadership and decision making
  • have knowledge of core business tools such as financial analysis, corporate finance, marketing management, operations management, managerial accounting and project management
  • have knowledge of specific aspects of marketing, management, and financial management of different industries
  • be able to use proper terminology
  • be able to put theoretical knowledge to practice


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