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Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering & Technology

Program Title: 

Mechanical Engineering and Technology 

Qualification Awarded: 

Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and Technology 



Program Credits: 

240 ECTS

Language of Instruction: 


Duration of the Programme: 

4 years

Objectives of the Programme:

Objective of the programme is to provide graduate:

  • witk broad knowledge in mechanical engineering and technology, particularly in the technology of machine manufacturing, mechanics of machines, technological machines and automated complexes, building and producing autos and tractors;
  • with the engineering skills, that will help graduate to solve the tasks and problems in the field of engineering;
  • with the knowledge and skills, which will make the graduate competitive in the labor market. 

Career Options:

Upon completion of the programme graduate will have the opportunity to get employed in the machine industry; also in any organization using automated electro-mechanical lines and equipments. 

Learning Outcomes: 

After completing the Bachelor's Degree in Mechnaical Engineering & Technology, graduates will own general and specific competencies listed below:

General Competences:

The graduate will be able to:

  • analyse and critically evaluate ideas, , discuss and debate;
  • write and communicate in a native language professionally;
  • write and communicate in a foreign language (English);
  • adapt to unfamiliar and changing environment;
  • participate in a team-work;
  • use modern information and communication technologies;
  • plan and conduct research and make conclusions based on analyses of results;
  • process scientific literature, structure the publication and present to public;
  • appreciate differences and cultural diversity.


Specific Competences:

The graduate will have knowledge of:

  • basics of mechanisms and machines design;
  • profile elements of the steel and their mechanical characteristics;
  • basics of thermodynamics and heat transfer;
  • basics of liquid mechanics.

Will be able to:

  • use measurement tools and evaluate measurement errors;
  • design mechanisms and cars;
  • create construction drawings for machine manufacturing;
  • design hydraulics of machines;
  • design automated control systems. 

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