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The aim of Agricultural University is to have a "short" hierarchical chain and a "lean" organizational structure in order to shorten the distance on one hand between students and the learning process and on the other hand, to speed up the decision-making process. For this purpose, University constantly grows the effectiveness of the management. 

Decision making at Agricultural University is based on project management principles – for each issue there is a task and for each task an appropriate working group is formed. The working group is responsible for tasks’ performance within the given timeline. After achieving the objectives, the group is dismissed. For each new issue, a relevant working group will be formed again.

The Chief Academic Officer of the university is the Rector. The Chief Executive Officer is the Chancellor. The Vice-Rectors manage the academic operations and programme development.

Professors and lecturers are recruited and contracted directly by the administration on a merit-based system and shared by the various programs.

The Rector reports to the Director of the Knowledge Fund, the founder of the University.



Organizational Structure