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I.Lomouri Institute of Crop Science

Institute of Crop Science is an important center of field and vegetable crop research in Georgia. It develops and disseminates new, improved technologies to increase productivity and competitiveness of agricultural production and contribute to protection and efficient use of natural resources.

The small grain research is mostly concentrated on selection of high yielding and adapted breeding material from international nurseries. The best selected lines are planted in trials to assess their phenology, adaptation to environmental stresses, yield and yield components and grain quality. Special laboratory experiments are conducted to evaluate salinity tolerance and drought tolerance of barley and assess wheat disease resistance under artificial inoculation. The best selected lines are transferred to the "Research Stations of Agricultural University of Georgia" Ltd for further evaluation in production trials. Improved management practices are also studied to improve grain yields.

The maize research is concentrated on developing inbred lines using doubled haploids from local open-pollinated populations and assessment their resistance to aphids.

Evaluation, selection and multiplication of improved genotypes of tomato, red pepper and eggplant from international nurseries are emphasized in vegetable research.

Staff of Lomouri Institute of Crop Science teaches special classes for the agronomy students of the bachelor and magister levels: Crop production, Seed production, Vegetable greenhouse production, World agricultural production systems and Field plot techniques.

The research program of Lomouri Institute of Crop Science is designed to provide master and PhD level students with opportunities to carry out thesis research in field and vegetable crop production and breeding. The institute creates favorable environment for students willing to update their theoretical knowledge and learn practical skills that are necessary for successful carrier in agricultural research.

Lomouri Institute of Crop Science cooperates closely with all stakeholders of the agricultural sector. Research staff of the Institute is aware of all agricultural developments and assist farmers in overcoming production constraints and meeting market demands through research.


Head of the Institute: David Bedoshvili, PhD, Associated Professor


Major Research Directions of Lomouri Institute of Crop Science

• Improved field and vegetable crop production methods and production systems for different agricultural zone of Georgia;
• Conservation, regeneration, characterization and evaluation of local plant genetic resources of field and vegetable crops;
• Development and evaluation of new varieties and production of elite seed of field and vegetable crops;
• Study and popularization of abandoned and new crops.