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M. Sabashvili Institute of Soil Science, Agro-Chemistry and Melioration

Mikheil Sabashvili Institute of Soil Science, Agro-chemistry and Melioration carries out research in soil cover and soil protection, mechanism of development and maintenance of its rational use.

The following tasks reinforce this vision:

• Soil genesis (origin, development) issues, including the formation of conditions of stability, the study of evolution;
• Environmentally friendly methodsof the rational use of soils;
• The development of effective methods of soil protection;
• Study of various soil covers through different mapping;
• Publicity of the information obtained in the field, preparationof hands-on advice;
• Practical approaches to soil protection and rational use and their introduction to rural population;
• Participation/organization in scientific conferences in the field of soil science;
• Research Grants;
• Training of young staff in the field of soil science.