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Institute of Subtropical Crops and Tea Industry

Institute has been functioning since 1930. Its multi profile researches have been the base of producing high and stable harvest of tea, citrus and subtropical fruit culture in the most southern subtropics and developing recycling industry

Main directions of research

  • Development of frost resistant, immune, high productive forms and breeds of subtropical fruits and their seedlings (citruses, kiwi, peihoa, subtropical persimmon); elaboration of their nursing technologies.
  • Development of high quality and high productive Georgian selective varieties of tea. Their biochemical and technological research to receive other kinds of products.
  • Elaborating the intervention methods related to integrative resistance of subtropical crops against harmful organisms through maintaining ecologically pure biocenosis; phytosanitary research of the subtropical zone to identify existing biodiversity.
  • Developing intensive technologies of breeding, laying out and nursing for tea, citruses and other subtropical crops.
  • Perfection of fertilization system of subtropical crops through considering soil fertility, biological characteristics of plants and environmental issues. Study influence of involvement of fertilizer nitrogen in soil nitrogen mineral and organ mass.
  • Using local plant, tea and citrus raw material to research and develop technological parameters and technical capacities for producing high quality food and dietary-preventive products, having biological activity.



  • Processing new technology of producing biologically active mixture from Tea leaves (sum of catexin, coffeine, teanin (Sh. Rustaveli National Scientific Fund) 2013-2015;
  • Growing, cultivating and recycling Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) and on the base of it studying, processing and approbation new technologies of low calorie sweetening and health-prophylactic food products
  • Processing producing Georgian original tea (Sh. Rustaveli National Scientific Fund) 2009-2011;
  • Researching, studying and approbation new technologies of storage-recycling food products on the base of tea and local vegetable raw (Sh. Rustaveli National Scientific Fund) 2008-2009;
  • Processing methods of producing other high quality tea products on the base of biochemical and technological researches of selective tea varieties and clones (Sh. Rustaveli National Scientific Fund)
  • Technology of growing kivi (Sh. Rustaveli National Scientific Fund) 2006-2008;
  • Measures of growing of subtropical fruit (CAR ), 2004;
  • Arranging buffer lines for anti-erosion of soil – installing-demonstrating in farming agriculture (World Bank), 2003-2005;
  • Demonstration of citrus young plants and learning-disseminating in farming agriculture (World Bank) 2003-2005;
  • Installing anti-erosion technology in Guria-Adjara farming agriculture (World Bank) 2000
  • Installing raising productiveness of degraded and low productive agricultural soil in Guria-Adjara farming agriculture (World Bank) 2000 ;
  • Installing Kivi planting producing technologies - introducing in farming agriculture (World Bank), 2003-2004 ;
  • Growing Kivi Industry plantation (UMCOR) 2002 ;
  • Installing Kivi planting producing technologies (World Bank) 2003 ;
  • Trade documentation for farmers (Eurasia Foundation), 2002 w.;
  • Kivi – Culture of Future (NOVIB), 2000;
  • Study productiveness of soil, processing-installing differentiated system of fertility (2012-2013); 
  • Growing-reproduction of poliploid forms of room lemon culture (2012-2013); 
  • Technology of producing coccinelides spread on the Cicadae citrus and decorative plants (2012-2013);
  • Creating guidebook directory of weed plants of west Georgia (2012-2013).