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Vision & Mission


Agricultural University of Georgia (AUG) is a multi-profile non-state tertiary education institution, with a special focus on agricultural and nature sciences, founded by the non-profit charitable organization - the Knowledge Fund.


Agricultural University of Georgia is an institution with high reputation, oriented on students and their success, on research and on modernizing traditions, and is one of the leaders of tertiary education in the country.


At all three levels of tertiary education, Agricultural University programs are based on the principles of liberal and classical education, with the aim of developing creative and critical thinking, as well as practical skills of the students.  


In parallel with agriculture, university develops other disciplines too, based on the availability of human and material resources, taking into consideration the need for quality education, and at the same time benefiting from the advantages of a multi-profile university.




Agricultural University has no private or institutional beneficiaries. The beneficiaries of the university are the knowledge-seekers: directly – the students, and indirectly - through the improvement level of education and as a result of scientific research -  the entire society.



The mission of Agricultural University on all three levels of higher education is to:


  • create the best environment for learning, teaching and research in Georgia and make this environment accessible for outstanding young persons, in order for them to be able to get adequate education and based on acquired skills match with professional requirements; Develop critical thinking in order to self-realize and participate in the general process of cognition through new ideas and discoveries;
  • provide the students with an opportunity to develop their values, based on the free and critical thinking in order to be able to navigate in and adapt to the changing environments, to make important decisions, as well as to creatively approach the challenges that the modern and rapidly changing world suggests;
  • provide academic and research personnel with a motivating institutional environment, with a career-long development opportunities, and for sharing new knowledge with students and with general public;
  • have a well-developed and efficient infrastructure, institutional and management system for conducting research;
  • provide teaching and learning in Georgian, in order to facilitate the development of Georgian language as a scientific and communication medium;
  • be focused on the interests of students and on the success of researches. 



Agricultural University of Georgia paves the way for its current and future students for free cognition, and on each level of higher education is respectively enabling them to:


  • comprehend as to what nature, society, humans and arts are;
  • develop qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills;
  • effectively communicate their opinion professionally and academically - orally and in writing;
  • acquire and create new knowledge, using critical and analytical thinking;
  • make ethical decisions based on the moral values;
  • recognize the diversity of the world and of the society, and be tolerant.