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K. Amirejibi Institute of Engineering

To the Amirejibi Engineering Institute following research areas have been added to the traditional agro engineering directions:   

  • automation and control systems which are based on the researches in electrical and computer engineering, and robotics;
  • mechanics and control systems;
  • civil and control systems.


Ongoing projects in biomedical and management aim to find scientific solutions to issues of:

  • proceeding new materials and technologies to increase the reliability of the machines;
  • automation-optimization of the processes in the factories;
  • creating low energy consuming machine technologies and technical mechanisms for re-cultivation of the land;
  • research of multistory buildings on impulse impact considering plastic deform;
  • developing optimal watering systems for better growing of plants taking in account the natural conditions of different regions of Georgia;
  • developing and implementing of soil processing technologies for the production of crops in the grain farming regions of Georgia;
  • advancing the optimization methods of machine systems in context of different farming forms.


The institute is actively involved in educational process of master and doctoral students.


Institute has four laboratories:

  • A.Kartveli laboratory (robotics); 
  • Civil engineering laboratory;
  • Electrical engineering laboratory;
  • Mechanical engineering laboratory.