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Institute of Animal Husbandry and Feed Production

The Institute of Animal Husbandry and Feed production of Agricultural University of Georgia is a scientific and training center which performs basic and applied researches, teaching and training of highly qualified specialists.


The main directions of researches of the Institute are:

• Improvement of technologies existing in the agrarian branch, creation of innovative technologies, their adaptation to local conditions and subsequent commercialization.
• Preservation and improvement of existing populations of agricultural animals and birds on the basis of modern methods of selection, molecular and genetic methods as well as creation of new, highly productive genotypes, cross-breeds and populations of animals.
• Improvement of existing and development of innovative technologies of feed production, establishment of a rations and mode of feeding.
• Studying of influence of genetic, stressful factors and feeding on health of animals, on feed conversion, quality of products, and economic efficiency of production of meat, milk and eggs.
• Development of new technologies of care and feeding of animals for different regions and zones proceeding from existing conditions.
• Development of scientific and practical offers and recommendations for the purpose of commercialization of innovative technologies, expansion of integration and consulting communications with potential consumers.
• Preparation of the special literature (textbooks, scientific and popular articles, recommendations) on the basis of the obtained data with the purpose of teaching and training.
• Providing increasing of knowledge and qualification of students, and other interested persons or legal entities by development of practical questions on objects.


Priority activities of the Institute:

• Creation of new breeds, pedigree groups and lines of agricultural animals and birds to increase the efficiency and quality of their production.
• Test/adaptation of best in the world breeds, pedigree groups and lines of agricultural animals and birds to climatic zones and ecological conditions of Georgia.
• Improvement of quality of existing products and creation of new brands of food products.
• Preservation of a native and endemic gene pool of agricultural animals and birds, creation of bank of sperm.
• Creation of modern production technologies of feed and feed additives for agricultural animals and birds.


For the implementation of the planned goals and tasks the institute plans to create:

• Research and educational base equipped with the latest technologies.
• Laboratory for studying of quality of milk and dairy products.
• Laboratory for studying of quality of meat and meat products.
• Laboratory for studying of quality of feed and zoological analysis.
• Laboratory for studying of quality of wool and its certification.
• Biochemical laboratory.